Fred Raab

Fred Raab has extensive experience in commercial software and hardware development.  In 1980, he founded Telematic Systems, a pioneering award-wining videodisc development firm commercializing technologies developed at MIT's Media Lab for clients such as AT&T, Digital Equipment Corp, Ford, and General Motors.  In 1987, as Vice President for Production at Interactive Media Communications, he lead the firm's development and production teams in the creation of  interactive multimedia training programs that provided and documented OSHA and EPA-mandated training to hundreds of thousands of industrial workers.

Throughout the 1990's, he collaborated with leading design firms, Internet companies, and film/video studios to conceptualize, design, specify, program and install large interactive multimedia systems used by millions of visitors at major museums, visitor centers and international exhibitions such as the Smithsonian Institute, California Science Center, National Scouting Museum, Tennessee Valley Authority, Boston Museum of Science, SportsLab, ITU Telcom and CeBIT.  In 2000, he applied his expertise to developing wireless applications, first with a Boston wireless startup (LiveSky Solutions) and most recently with PACE.

Principal Investigators

Kevin Patrick, MD, MS
Principal Investigator

James F. Sallis, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Karen J. Calfas, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Gregory J. Norman, PhD

Fred Raab
Lead Systems Engineer