Projects: Diet Behaviors
This is a NCI funded study which will and evaluate in a randomized controlled trial a cell phone application (mDIET) that can be used as an assessment and intervention tool to improve dietary behaviors and thus reduce weight in overweight and moderately obese (BMI 25-34.9) men and women ages 25-55.

Participants randomized to the intervention group will use the mDIET application to self-monitor their weight and nutrition behaviors such as calorie reduction through increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, fiber, and a decrease consumption of dietary fat and will receive prompts and suggestions to improve their dietary behaviors. Participants will also receive printed nutrition topics and strategies to supplement and increase self-monitoring with the mDIET application.

The primary outcome will be the effect of the mDIET system in comparison to a control group on BMI among overweight men and women.  Secondary and exploratory outcomes will be: 1) satisfaction with the mDIET application; 2) compliance with the mDIET application; 3) total energy intake; 4) total dietary fat as a percentage of energy consumed; 5) eating behaviors and diet self-efficacy; and 6) frequency and selection of fast food.  Assessment will occur at baseline and 16 weeks.